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Personal Injury

No one plans for an injury; it just happens unexpectedly and through no fault of your own. Suddenly, you’re facing medical bills to cover the costs associated with the injury as well as lost wages or lost employment, not to mention pain and disability.

It can be very overwhelming. A personal injury claim seeks reimbursement to the victim for the wrongful acts of another person or a company.   Thousands of people are injured in accidents every day. Many are caused due to the negligence of another, either from a vehicle accident, fall, or numerous other types of accidents. If you have suffered from such an accident and have been seriously injured, it is important for you to contact a personal injury attorney to assist you with your claim. There are many factors that can affect the outcome of your case, and failing to have the proper legal representation could adversely affect the amount of compensatory damages you receive. I pride myself in offering personalized service to every client and helping them through this difficult time with dedication and concern for their future.

Due to the seriousness of these injuries, a person may require extensive medical treatment, such as hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation or even long term care if disabled. Many are unable to work during their recovery, losing their source of income. Taking all of these factors into consideration is one of the things my firm is committed to doing when evaluating the value of your claim. I will aggressively pursue every possible form of compensation you deserve and will aggressively negotiate with the insurance company to maximize your potential settlement.

Contact Monica today to ensure your rights are protected through your difficult time.

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