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The breakup of a marriage or a bitter dispute over parental responsibilities/custody or parenting time/visitation is a traumatic experience. Knowing your legal rights and obligations can ease pressure and restore confidence. At the law office of Monica S. McElyea, you will find an attorney who recognizes when to negotiate and when to litigate, always with an aggressive approach for her client’s concerns.

The McElyea Law Office also assists client’s in several other areas, including creating exit strategies for marriage, pre-litigation management, and mother’s and fathers’ rights, among others. Organization and advanced planning is crucial for a successful future. Your future is important to her so let her help you plan for it in a variety of ways.

The amount of paperwork that comes with filing for dissolution of marriage/divorce seems like it is written in a foreign language. Monica will help you decipher the “legalese” so you have a full understanding of the documents and the procedure. For example, Colorado no longer uses the term “custody” but rather “parental responsibilities.” Parental responsibilities or decision-making includes four general areas of: non-emergency health, education, religion and general welfare/extra-curricular activities. Likewise, Colorado has discontinued the term “visitation” and now refers to time spent with one’s children as “parenting time.”

The McElyea Law Office can also assist you in the creation of a separation agreement and parenting plan. These documents detail matters such as parental responsibilities (custody), parenting time (visitation), child support, spousal support/maintenance (previously referred to as alimony), and division of assets. Monica will assist you to attempt to reach an amicable resolution by preparation of these documents. If such a resolution is not possible, Monica will aggressively represent you in a trial of these issues to the Court.



Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time disagreements can be traumatizing to all members of a family, especially to the children involved. At the law office Monica S. McElyea, she uses her previous career expertise to minimizing the amount of trauma experienced by your entire family.

Monica is an advocate for the rights of the parent, whether the parent is the father or mother. If you think a custody battle is going to get particularly ugly, she can help you before the actual struggle even begins. She will guide you by providing specific instructions on how to best present your position, request and case to the Court. This preparation and planning is known as pre-litigation management.

We can also prepare parenting time paperwork which will set out a schedule for each parent’s parenting time with the child(ren).

The McElyea Law Office also addresses any jurisdictional issues that may arise regarding parental responsibilities and parenting time. This includes jurisdictional issues such as relocation and those matters that arise under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). Monica will work to ensure the rights of your child(ren) will be upheld and also help parents who have relocation or jurisdictional issues.


Child support and spousal support/maintenance are vital to the wellbeing of many families. At the Law Office of Monica S. McElyea, she represents many individuals who are seeking child and/ or spousal support. She has many years’ experience in seeking these types of orders and you can rely on her knowledge to assist you in seeking support. There are many expenses associated with children: food, clothing, shelter, among others. Single parents may depend on child support payments to provide for their children.

The same is true for maintenance. Maintenance is the current Colorado term for spousal support, which was previously known as alimony. If there is a court order requiring your spouse to pay you support, he or she must pay it. Conversely, if you believe your spouse does not need spousal support, Monica can assist you. Let our law office help you get the support you deserve so you can get on with your life. If you are seeking an order for child or spousal support, allow an experienced, dedicated, and compassionate attorney like Monica S. McElyea help you get the money that rightfully belongs to you and your child(ren).

Contact Monica today to ensure your rights are protected through your difficult time.

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