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Fee Arrangement

Different fee agreements are available depending upon the type of case, and the firm’s attorney will gladly consider all options with you. In criminal cases, both hourly rates and flat fee agreements may be available. Domestic relations cases are hourly rate cases. Personal injury cases and other types of civil litigation cases may be handled on a contingency fee basis. We will gladly discuss all available fee agreement options.

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Criminal Defense

Every person charged with a crime, be that a felony, misdemeanor, petty offense or traffic matter needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their rights and defend them against the government and its charges. The law firm works directly with clients and utilizes its attorney’s experience to resolve the case.



The breakup of a marriage or a bitter dispute over parental responsibilities/custody or parenting time/visitation is a traumatic experience. Knowing your legal rights and obligations can ease pressure and restore confidence. At the law office of Monica S. McElyea, you will find an attorney who recognizes when to negotiate and when to litigate, always with an aggressive approach for her client’s concerns.


Personal Injury

No one plans for an injury; it just happens unexpectedly and through no fault of your own. Suddenly, you’re facing medical bills to cover the costs associated with the injury as well as lost wages or lost employment, not to mention pain and disability.


Civil Litigation

Monica S. McElyea, a Colorado civil litigation lawyer, provides legal services and representation on all matters of civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. The term “civil litigation” encompasses a broad range of matters but essentially relates to any litigation where a party seeks money damages from another or a specific order from the court compelling the adverse party to take some action or to refrain from taking some action.

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